Artist's Statement
Raku Indian Lady

Raku Process - Red Hot

I don't feel like an artist. People call me one and it amazes me to hear it. My mother was an "artist." She painted with oils and was good at two dimensional work. Her father was also. I couldn't draw but I could see art daily all around me. So I recorded it on film. As one of my photography teachers said, "You capture a moment in time."  With children, grandchildren, pets, flowers & sunsets, it becomes a challenge 
to capture their beauty and their moments.

With clay you can be three dimensional, which I find easier.  Sculpture lends itself to greater interpretations, distortions, humor and creativity. I do very little functional work unless I need a funky bowl for something. Potters have their own visions. Each follows a different path with the same basic ingredient, clay.  I enjoy all the different challenges that go along with that freedom.

Joy Raynor

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