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Church at Callaway Gardens
Joy Madden Raynor is a retired speech pathologist from the Bradenton, Florida public school system. This now gives her time to have fun with photography and pottery.  Her photographs have won Cherry Blossom Category in Macon 3 years in a row. She has won best color at the GNF and Best Color, Best Black & White and People's Choice at the Macon Fair. She handtints black and white photos to capture the antique essence of the historical buildings in this area.

      Clay also intrigues her because in the Raku process one pulls the piece red hot at 1750 from the kiln and places it into sawdust to smoke and activate the metallic glazes. Her new interest in clay is to transfer one of her photos onto her clay work in a creation that enhances both. She has been able to to this with Polaroid emulsion lifts, transfers and Liquid Light applications. 

After a two week workshop at Penland N.C. with Mark Burleson she has mastered a few techniques to accomplish this new process. 

     Most of her art background has been acquired at courses at Penland School of Crafts in Penland, North Carolina, Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tenn., Wild Acres in Little Switzerland, N.C.  (a branch of the Ringling School of Arts, Sarasota, Fl.)  and at workshops  with experts in the field:

- Dewitt Jones, George Lepp, John Shaw, Tom Neff, Dennis Suporski , Anna Tomczak & Terri Warpinski

- Paul Soldner, George Bowes, Mark Burleson, Lana Wilson, Pete Pinnell, Lynn Merhige,  Susan & Steven Kemenyffey, Roberta Laidman, Patrick Crabb, David Gamble and Rudy Autio

    Joy won Best In Show at the Fine Arts Society's annual show in Warner Robins with a sculpture called Women of the World.  She has had a one woman show at Fort Valley State College, her King Tut ceramic was exhibited in the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences Egyptian show. Her work is in private collections and is selling at local galleries. 

      Joy has served  on the HODAC (Houston County Drug Action Control) board of directors for nine years. She attends the Victim Advisory Council Meetings.  She has also served on the Peachbelt Medical Alliance board as treasurer.  She is a member of the Fine Art Society of Middle Georgia, The Houston Arts Alliance, The Middle Georgia Art Association, The High Museum, The Macon Museum of Arts & Science, The Macon Photography Club, Southern Exposure, The Tubman Museum, and the Macon Arts Alliance.  She is the wife of local OB/Gyn
 physician, Ken Raynor.

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