N01 Anagama Horses
N02 Pixie
N03 Ohm Book
N04 Ohm Book (Inside)
N05 Oriental Book Raku (Outside)
N06 Oriental Book Raku (Inside)
N07 Low Fire Terra Sigillata Wall Hanging
N08 Lady in Lime
N13 Hope
N14 Raku with Alkaline Glaze
N15 Red Clay Wall Fanging
N16 Red Clay Wall Hanging with Staples
N17 Rick's Raku
N18 Self Portrait  Low Fire w under glazes
N19 Small Box with Feet
N21 Wall Hanging
N25 Saggar Fired Cover
N26 Saggar Fired Oriental Pages
N27 Raku Cover
N28 Raku Inside
N29 Me and Mini Me
N30 Raku Vase
N31 Raku Vase with Horse Hair
N32 Terra Cotta - Red Clay
N35 Sagga Fired Greek Style Vase
N36 Polaroid Lift on Clay
N37 Raku Book
N38 Temple of Angels
O01 Raku Kimono
O02 Sculpture Study after D. Fritts
O03 Talouse Latrec Study
O04 Horse with a View (Raku)
O06 Sculpture Study after D. Fritts
O07 Going to a Gallery
O08 Book Temple (Closed)
O09 Book Temple (Open)
O10 Book Temple (Closed)
O11 Temple of Madonnas
O13 Shaman Pot - Side 1
O14 Shaman Pot - Side 2
O15 Shaman pot - Side 3
O16 Sculpture Study after D. Fritts
O17 Heidi
O18 French Fantasy
O19 Lady in Pink
O20 Trolls in Raku
O21 Book Cover
O22 Inside Front Cover
O23 Inside Back Cover
O24 Coptic Stitch
O25 Anagama Toasting
O26 Horse Hair Raku
O27 Nefertiti in Raku
P00 Buddha Box
P01 Navajo Dreams (front)
P02 Navajo Dreams (back)
P05 Wind In My Face 7-03
P09 Horse Hair 03
P11 Family Side 1
P12 Family Side 2
P14 Rusty Altar
P15 Indian Lady 02
P16 Women of the World Side 1
P17 Women of the World Side 2
P18 Women of the World Side 3
P19 Lana Type Chairs
P20 Women & Men
P21 Egyptian King Tut
P28 Millennium Wall Hanging
P29 Nuns with Cows Wall Hanging
P30 White Egret Wall Hanging
P31 Spirit Stick