54 Joy with Talouse Latrec Pots
83 Joy's Gallery Exhibit A
84 Joy's Gallery Exhibit B
85 Roger Jamison anagama
86 Anagama kiln after firing for one whole week
87 Anagama kiln
88 Roger and John unloading the anagama kiln
89 Anagama kiln holds 700 pots
90 anagama celebration
94 My display for fired works sale
95 Macon Arts Gallery opening
S01 Joy & Ken
S02 Best in Show August 2002
S03 Computer Cat Wizard
S04 Attack Cat
S05 Esther & Turbo
S06 Joy & display at show
S07 Joy at work
S08 Joy with photo win
S09 Raku reduction in smoke
S10 Studio front
S11 Studio back & kiln room